The Story of our Name & Brand

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

I am grateful for the last 9 years of serving mothers in Baton Rouge. Over the years I have discovered my passion for helping women find wellness in the midst of motherhood. I truly am thankful. I have had the great privilege to work alongside amazing instructors who I am proud to call my team {this includes all past & present}! My team has helped me to serve countless mothers by offering our community a variety of leadership personalities to connect with & extra hands to serve. I tell them often it's not mine, this precious business is ours.

There is such beauty in flexibility & listening to where you are being called in life. Personally, I lean on my faith to figure out the path I am to travel. It's not always easy to know which direction to go but I do trust my faith. My heart has led me to take a little bit different of a path this year. I feel called to continue to serve mothers with my gifted team, but in a different way. We all feel refreshed with this change!

I have realized over the years that mothers are sent many conflicting messages regarding what it means to be healthy. Some of these messages include "get thin & win" "no pain no gain" "burn fat" "look smoking hot", & there are others. These messages place an emphasis on aesthetics & limit the meaning of true health. While these messages are not all bad, I’ve seen clients limit their goals to these messages & I desire for them to realize there is so much more to health! These messages have prompted me to reflect & ponder, why must my clients feel pain in order to gain? do we really need to be thin in order to win in motherhood? is it necessary for my clients to burn fat? is aiming to look smoking hot for a party the healthiest goal? When I hear these messages, I think about what they relay & what a more encouraging & healthier message might be for my clients, especially mothers. All this reflecting has helped me to develop what I value & what my specific goals are for any mother who comes to Nourish to be edified through fitness, support, & more.

Our goal for each mother is three fold:

CHERISH. Prior to setting any health goal, we believe a mother must first cherish her body. It is necessary for her to identify its beauty, its strength, & ability. When you cherish something, how do you treat it? With love, tenderness, & care!

NOURISH. Once a mother can identify that her body is a gift & she recognizes her call to cherish her body, then she can begin taking action! We nourish our body by identifying that which is necessary personally for our body to grow & to be well. We believe for mothers that includes: exercise, nutrition, prayer|meditation, & rest. Yet we also know that deep in the midst of motherhood it can be challenging to check all those boxes!

COLLECTIVE. Often we try to walk through motherhood & this journey towards wellness alone. That is why checking those boxes seems so very difficult! At Nourish we believe we actually cannot do it alone. We need to work together as a collective. We need to be there for one another during hard times & joyful times. In a world where we can communicate from the comfort of our own homes via a screen, it's still necessary that we meet up face to face & develop relationships. We are designed to be in relationship with one another & walk this journey together.

So that is our goal for each mama at Nourish Wellness. That you cherish your beautiful body, nourish it entirely: mind, body,